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Helping to keep roads clear

Part of the duties for Matt Coubrough and Shane Black is clearing fallen tree branches from the road between Mount Molloy and Mossman in far north Queensland.

The pair work for the Mareeba Shire Council and get around in a Fuso.

When Big Rigs saw them last month, they were having lunch at the Rifle Creek rest area just near Mount Molloy.

It is a hidden oasis for travellers with lots of parking space, clean toilets, and tables and chairs.

However it is often overrun with parked caravans leaving little space for trucks.

“There were many caravans here today,” Coubrough said.

The work they do is vital as much of the section of Nine Mile Road they clear branches from is amongst a rainforest area.

Often fallen branches make it difficult for travellers to negotiate.

Outside work, Coubrough enjoys camping and fishing out at the Great Barrier Reef. “When the weather is good,” he said.

I asked the friendly pair what aspects of the job they like. “The hours we work are good for spending time with family after we finish,” Black said.

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