Access permits and alternate route arrangements for Bremer River Bridge

Bremer bridge

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator, in consultation with the Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR), have developed an interim process for industry to gain access for alternate routes for Class 1 oversize overmass vehicles exceeding 42.5 tonnes as restrictions remain in place over the Bremer River Bridge on the Warrego Highway at Karalee.

New/amend permit applications 
The NHVR will process your application to consent for TMR consideration. While restrictions remain in place TMR will be providing industry the option of an alternate route on new and amend applications if the vehicle combinations is not suitable for travel.

TMR will send through an information request with an alternate route via the NHVR Portal. The customer will need to review the route to ensure it meets their freight task.

Once accepted, the NHVR will process the application with the agreed alternate route and seek TMR road manager consent.

Renewal of permits
While restrictions remain in place, TMR will be providing a decision to refuse access for Class 1 vehicles exceeding 42.5 tonnes.

The NHVR will contact customers on receiving the refusal to discuss whether you may be eligible to access an alternate route. If you are eligible, the NHVR will create an application at no charge and process to road manager consent.

Current permits
There will be no change to existing permits which have been previously granted access, however industry are advised to check the TMR ‘Conditions of Operation Database’ to make sure you are using up-to-date information when you are assessing the suitability of your route.

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