Big Brother is watching: 36 cameras being installed across NSW’s Central West

A number of cameras will be installed throughout the Forbes region this week, capturing data at 21 intersections and 15 road midpoints.

Though they could easily be mistaken for red light or speed cameras, they are actually being used to capture traffic data.

The video cameras will be installed on Wednesday September 13, with the aim of developing traffic modelling for future road improvements.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) says it is using a specialist data collection firm to carry out the work on its behalf.

Though TfNSW director west, Alistair Lunn, stressed that the cameras were not collecting personal information or assessing driver safety.

“We are aware that the community may perceive these cameras to be something they are not – like speed, surveillance or red light cameras,” Lunn said.

“We are simply capturing data to help Transport for NSW to develop a road and traffic management model for future planning.”

The cameras will be mounted on posts and will be in each location for about one week.

Data will be captured for around 24 hours on Thursday September 14, however six of these locations will be monitored for about seven days.

TfNSW says there will not be any impacts or changed traffic conditions for motorists.

Here’s where the cameras will be located

•    Lachlan Valley Way and Wongajong Road
•    Lachlan Valley Way and Wandary Lane
•    Reymond Street and Flint Street
•    Reymond Street and Wambat Street
•    Flint Street and Bridge Street
•    Newell Highway and Oxford Street
•    Newell Highway and Browne Street
•    Bridge Street and Hill Street
•    The Escort Way and Riflerange Road
•    Bathurst Street and Wambat Street
•    Newell Highway and Camp Street
•    Newell Highway and Court Street
•    Newell Highway and Dowling Street
•    Newell Highway and Union Street
•    Dowling Street and Johnson Street
•    Lachlan Street and Court Street
•    Browne Street and Lachlan Street
•    Herbert Street and Riflerange Road
•    Bathurst Street and Riflerange Road
•    Bathurst Street and Flint Street

Mid-point counts:
•    Lachlan Valley Way near Muscat Street – 7 days
•    The Escort Way near Bridge Street – 7 days
•    Bathurst Street west of Riflerange Road – 7 days
•    Newell Highway near Union Street – 7 days
•    Wandary Lane near Lachlan Valley Way – 7 days
•    Herbert Street near Flint Street – 7 days
•    Newell Highway near River Road
•    Bedgerabong Road near York Street
•    The Bogan Way near Churchill Street
•    Calarie Road near Thomson Street
•    Newell Highway near Wyndham Avenue
•    The Escort Way near Torig Road
•    Wandary Lane, approx 2km east of Lachlan Valley Way
•    Lachlan Valley Way near New Grenfell Way
•    Red Bend Road near South Lead Road

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