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TAFE Queensland offering express dual-trade upskill

TAFE Queensland is providing qualified technicians with express upskill programs to complete a second trade, with the most popular being automotive technicians completing an additional Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology (AUR31220) to boost their employment opportunities in the resources industry.

Given the documented need for more skilled workers across various industries including the resources sector, TAFE Queensland is offering these courses to provide a pipeline of skilled workers for businesses looking to place waves of new workers needed in industry.

Eligible qualified technicians with either a Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR30620) or Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology (AUR31120) are completing intensive upskill programs to complete the gap training required to secure a Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology (AUR31220).

TAFE Queensland’s flagship trade training facility in Acacia Ridge is the birthplace of such courses, and business manager of heavy automotive training for the region, David Jenkinson, says there has been significant industry interest in dual-trade qualified technicians.

Business manager heavy automotive training at TAFE Queensland, David Jenkinson.

“The reason we started these courses was after talking to industry and being told there is a really strong demand for dual-trade technicians in the resources sector. We have done these as bespoke programs for some large players in the resources space and can now open up the opportunity to individual workers as well,” Jenkinson said.

“These programs focus on not double-handling course material that students have completed during their initial apprenticeship. We train technicians in the skills gaps between their initial apprenticeship and their new qualification of the Certificate III in Mobile Plant Technology (AUR31220).

“Feedback so far has been outstanding and partnering businesses have been pleased and keen to continue enrolling workers. For anybody eying a career change into the resources sector, this is a great opportunity,” he said.

TAFE Queensland is in constant engagement with the industries it serves to determine how training can support the needs of industry, and upskill programs are a key example of this. With 140 years of strong history, the largest training provider in Queensland has navigated many industrial changes and emerging trends and will continue to do so well into the future.

Qualified workers currently in industry or employers interested to gain a larger pool of new employees are encouraged to reach out to TAFE Queensland via to discuss their options and eligibility for dual-trade upskill programs.

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