These boots were made for walking…and truck driving

Designed for all day wear, All Rounder Boots combine comfort, style, quality and practicality.

They were designed right here in Australia by Alan Davey, a retired bush private investigator – and published author of ‘The Lone Operative’ – who three years ago started suffering from what he described as “crook feet”. 

After a visit to the podiatrist proved completely unhelpful, Davey decided to take matters into his own hands, or should we say feet.

“So I came home and designed a boot to help with my burning feet and sore ankles, and then got them made and started wearing them,” he said.

And it was a chance encounter with several truckies that inspired Davey to begin producing his comfortable and stylish boots for the masses. “I was out at Winton and was walking across a truck stop, where I was approached by three or four truck operators, who asked where I got my boots from, and I told them I had the boots made,” he explained. 

“One of the truckies gave me their business card – he and his mate said, ‘When you get some more made, give me a yell’. And that’s what I did. That the long and the short of the story.”

Davey officially released All Rounder Boots in November and they’ve been an instant hit. “I’ve sold a lot of these boots and about 90 per cent have been to truck drivers. The trucking industry has well and truly looked after me. They’re really comfortable, that’s why. Some blokes ask me if they’re steel capped, and I say no they’re not, because they’d lose their level of comfort. These are boots that you can wear all day long while driving a truck.

“Now I sell All Rounder Boots throughout Australia, into New Zealand and overseas into America, to Texas, and the UK.

“When truckies and people in the agricultural industry ring me up to ask about the boots, I generally say as my selling point that I designed these shoes originally just for me because I was suffering from crook feet, so they’re very comfortable.”

Australian country music singer James Blundell and well known truckie Glenn ‘Yogi’ Kendall, who is best known by his regular appearances on hit television show Outback Truckers, are among Davey’s customers. 

“James Blundell once said to me, ‘You’ve walked a lot of kilometres to get to these boots’ and I said, ‘Yeah I have’,” Davey added. 

Key to the design of All Rounder, which is a pull-on style boot, is its unique podiatric inner sole made from top-class memory foam, which adjusts to your feet over time. This provides all-day superior cushioning for your feet, with shock absorption. “This means they can also be worn without socks,” Davey added. 

They are fully lined with genuine pig skin leather and feature premium cattle buckskin suede on the outside. There is also a unique bullock hide leather heal.

All Rounder Boots are available in size 8 through to size 15. Not sure of your size? Davey says the best way to measure is with a paper and pen. “To make sure clients get the right pair of boots, I get them to drop a pen mark at the back of their heel and another at their toes. Send me the measurement and I’ll send the right size.”

For more information or to place an order, please call Alan Davey on 0493 565 164.

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