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Toll Group adopts modern IT solution to aid in operational efficiency

By adopting this low-code IT platform, Toll Group has been able to rapidly deliver multiple custom applications in 12 months, reporting a 40 per cent reduction in time-to-market.

Mendix’s low-code application development has enhanced Toll Group’s ability to meet changing customer demands and growing competition.

Through this partnership between the two companies, Mendix has been able to support the Toll’s ambitious modernisation effort.

Implementing Mendix, a Siemens business, has enabled Toll Group to rapidly build multiple custom applications in 12 months, enhancing operational efficiency and customer solutions, while allowing business users with no coding experience to build applications.

“Like many established organisations, we were using legacy systems and processes across our technology stack, leading to inefficiencies and high operational costs,” said Stuart Robertson, global head of digital technologies at Toll Group.

“As our competitive environment changed, we needed a modern IT system that enabled us to become more agile while fostering a culture of innovation across the organisation in order to drive business process efficiency and rapidly meet the changing needs of our customers and employees.”

Prior to partnering with Mendix, like many organisations, Toll Group relied on legacy IT systems. These systems encompassed a variety of development technologies and languages resulting in a scattered IT landscape.

Toll Group recognised the potential to optimising operational efficiency and boosting profitability by streamlining its processes. As a strategic step Toll Group determined the need to digitise its processes and adopt an IT-focused approach across the organisation.

“It’s great to see Toll Group embrace the low-code approach to development to rapidly deliver solutions for its customers and employees,” said Finbar James Brown, country lead ANZ at Mendix.

“By modernising its operational processes and driving a cultural mindset shift towards digital innovation, Toll Group has achieved greater agility, efficiency, and customer-centricity, strengthening its position as a leader in the logistics industry.”

Mendix also worked with Toll Group to organise hackathons, bringing non-IT employees together to experience Mendix firsthand and develop innovative solutions to mitigate real world problems.

“We are undertaking a significant modernisation journey, prioritising the standardisation and digitisation of our IT landscape,” added ​​ Robertson. “This requires an organisation-wide commitment, bringing together IT and business employees to collaboratively develop innovative solutions to business problems.

“After considering several development options, Mendix emerged as the strongest solution for Toll Group’s vast needs and complex use cases with its rapid application development, seamless integration capabilities, and enterprise-grade security. Moreover, by enabling non-technical development, we’ve empowered our employees to be actively involved in building their own apps, driving efficiencies and reducing operational costs.”

By adopting the Mendix low-code platform, Toll Group has successfully replaced several manual processes with digital solutions. This move has streamlined workflows and improved information flows across the organisation.

“This partnership is a great case of how the Mendix low-code application development can empower businesses and technology teams to co-create and deliver innovative, high-quality solutions to achieve business goals,” said Nick Ford, chief growth office at Mendix.

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