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Shell Rimula celebrates 23 years as event partner

Shell Rimula

An enterprise such as the Alice Springs National Road Transport Hall of Fame cannot be maintained without the involvement of two groups: volunteers and sponsors.

Volunteers are crucial in helping the wheels (pun intended) of the hall keep turning.

Never more so than during the busy month of August each year when transport industry luminaries, nominated by their peers are inducted into the hall and have their names added to the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame.

Of equal importance are the industry bodies who sponsor the Hall of Fame in various ways. The Shell company has been at the forefront in supporting the venue by way of sponsoring the annual induction into the hall each year. And they have been doing so for 23 consecutive years, having begun their association way back in 2000.

Nick Lubransky is the transport marketing manager of Viva Energy, the licensee for Shell in Australia.

Lubransky flew up to Alice Springs to represent the company in the induction ceremony.

Every year members of the Viva Energy transport team attend the Hall of Fame event, and this year Mairead Hayes – national sales manager for road transport, and Heather Brojanowski – key account manager WA attended to experience the unique atmosphere of this event.

“The Hall of Fame event has a special feel to it. I call all the inductees ‘luminaries’ because each and every one of them are men and women who have inspired or influenced others in the industry,” Lubransky said.

Added Hayes: “To watch the reactions of the folk who came on stage to receive their medallions and plaques was heart-warming. We saw long term truck drivers on stage with tears in their eyes, and their passion for the industry was clear to see.”

“And it was also a heap of fun,” added Brojanowski. “I think what makes it an honour for people is that they are nominated by their peers for the recognition of their contribution to the transport industry, typically over their whole lives.

“We think it is a really good thing for the transport industry, and recognising the people that are involved in it is something that we really value,” continued Lubransky. “It is about giving back to the industry that supports us as a company.

“Shell Rimula’s involvement with the transport industry goes beyond the sponsorship of the Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

“Viva Energy has continued the legacy built over many years with the Hall of Fame, and are genuinely committed to supporting the transport industry across sponsorships, a growing retail network and also an eye to future fuels.

“With the Hall of Fame we know in our heart of hearts that it’s a great opportunity to give back to the truckies and the transport industry, and a great thing to be involved with.”

To use a very well-known company slogan, The Transport Hall of Fame is ‘Going Well’ thanks to ‘Going Shell’.

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