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Three decades behind the wheel

Friendly driver Kevin Henderson had stopped at a rest area beside the Bruce Highway south of Cairns and was happy to yarn to Big Rigs.

Henderson, 54, works for Simon National Carriers and is based at Townsville. 

He was driving an Iveco which he likes, and was carrying air conditioning fridge units.

“I have been a truck driver for 30 years and with Simon for the past four months,” he said.

His favourite roadhouse is the BP at Rocklea which is also often nominated by other drivers.

He rates the worst road he gets along as the Lynd Highway which he says is “rough and narrow” at places.

Although Henderson said there could be more rest areas with facilities for drivers, he does like stopping at one. “It is on the Marlborough stretch of the Bruce Highway,” he said.

Fishing waterways around Townsville is a favourite recreation for Henderson when he gets some time off work.

“I do catch some blue salmon and Mangrove Jack,” he said.

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