Caltex brand returns with premium diesel products

The Caltex brand you know and love has returned, with the brand committing to supporting the transport industry Australia-wide with high-quality fuels, lubricants and more.

Backed by Chevron, which is one of the world’s leading energy companies with more than 70 years of history here in Australia, Caltex is currently strengthening its distribution network to ensure the delivery of its products to service the nation.

At the heart of the expansion was Chevron’s acquisition of Puma Energy (Australia) Holdings three years ago, which included a national network of retail locations, with most of these sites to be rebranded with Caltex’s distinctive Star motif by the end of the year.

Beyond a refreshed retail experience, Caltex offers the innovative fuel system-cleaning ingredient Techron, which is available in every fuel grade, helping remove dirt and prevent deposits from forming on critical engine components.  

You can also experience Caltex Diesel with Techron D, a premium performance additive suitable for all diesel-powered engines, with the formulation that helps to clean injectors and protect components from corrosion while reducing the possibility of foaming as you fill up.

On the lubricants side, diesel engines will benefit from Caltex Delo with ISOSYN Technology, which helps protect vital diesel engine parts, provide engine durability, and extend service intervals to help lower operating costs.

Drawing on over 88 years of expertise, ISOSYN Technology combines premium base oils with high-performance additives to deliver engine component protection that rivals synthetics.

This high-performance additive formulation helps provide exceptional soot dispersion and prevent deposit build-up, ensuring vehicle performance which can contribute to extended service intervals and minimised downtime.

Delo products are sold in 155 countries, and importantly, Chevron internally controls the three pieces required to manufacture lubricants. By producing its own base oil, it controls Oronite, one of the world’s biggest additive companies, and also maintains 21 individual blending plants globally, including joint ventures.

To keep businesses running smoothly, the Caltex StarCard is a power-packed fuel management card offering a convenient way to increase fleet management efficiency.

It provides a wide range of adaptable features to manage fleets big and small, control personal expenses, and is perfectly suited to companies engaged in earthmoving, with various vehicle make-ups of trucks, passenger vehicles and plant machinery.

It has two main options, either ‘Open’ or ‘Closed’ loop. Open loop provides the ultimate coverage allowing access to all Caltex and Puma Energy service stations, and being welcome wherever WEX Motorpass cards are accepted, meaning you can use it at over 6000 service stations and industry partners Australia-wide. Open Loop StarCards can also be used wherever Cabcharge is accepted and for services at Magic Hand Carwashes.

A closed loop card means businesses can avoid paying transaction fees while enjoying access to the range of Caltex with Techron fuels. Both options can be set up for specific drivers and vehicles, with PIN protection available too.

Additionally, StarCard provides a range of perks and discounts from leading tyre retailers, vehicle parts and accessory retailers, vehicle servicing providers and accommodation houses.

Caltex is committed to the Australian market and making its products available to customers where and when they need them. Whether you’re running the family business or the company fleet, Caltex is there to support you with expert advice and fuel equipment solutions, quality bulk fuel supply, premium engine oils and reliable lubricants.  

For more information on Caltex products, visit caltex.com/au/business-solutions.  

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