State of the art distribution centre snubs modern truck design, says truckie

distribution centre

It’s supposed to be the most advanced distribution centre of its kind and the largest in the southern hemisphere, servicing 209 Coles supermarkets in Queensland and northern NSW.

But if you ask some truckies, the design brains behind the $500 million state-of-the-art automated DC in Redbank, Brisbane, have overlooked – or ignored – one important modern industry advancement, and it’s costing operators dearly.

According to drivers Big Rigs spoke to, the DC doesn’t allow 30m A-doubles to use the facility because when backed into the loading docks, they protrude 4m over the yellow safety walkways at the front of the cab, which is against occupational health and safety rules.

The only way around the rule, says a truckie we spoke to, is to make a time-consuming split on the road and go in as one trailer, if the load size permits.

Trucks longer than 26m block the walkway at the Redbank DC.

“Someone forgot to put the walkway out far enough,” the frustrated driver told us.

“They need to do a footpath redesign so we can go in there with an A-double.

“Everyone knows that trucks are getting bigger, so they have to do something about this.”

Even the weighbridge on site doesn’t accommodate trucks longer than 26m, adds the driver, who hasn’t received a response from Coles about why it doesn’t allow for A-doubles at the site.

He says his company doesn’t have this same issue at Woolworths or IGA DCs and can’t understand how Coles has got this so wrong.

Another driver believes the simple solution for A-doubles on the site would be to have them park alongside the fenceline with the walkway running alongside.

“It’s actually dangerous having a walkway right in front of the prime movers going to pull out of your bay and a fellow driver is right in front that you can’t see .”

Coles has not responded to a request for comment.


  1. This is the exact same issue with Brisbane toyota parts centre in Acacia Ridge, engineers, managers,supervisors,HR and all other desperate ladder climbers built a socalled state of art load and unload area fully built for safety and performance and it is anything but numerous truck driver complaints about safety and design numerous crashes into saftey bollards and nothing changes
    If you think this design is bad go see that one

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