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Survey focuses on practices used to comply with tunnel height restrictions


Sydney’s crackdown on over-height trucks in the city’s tunnels is leaving no stone unturned.

The latest measure by Transport for NSW (TfNSW) in a long list of steps, including the installation of a series of warning billboards on key freight routes, is a 15-minute survey aimed at understanding truckies’ “current practices” used to comply with tunnel height restrictions on Sydney roads.

TfNSW said the research findings will support a “program of work” initiated to improve safety and compliance around Sydney tunnels.

Heavy vehicle drivers, employers and managers are invited to participate in the online survey to share their “experiences, challenges and ideas”.

The survey is hosted by Woolcott Research and is completely anonymous, said TfNSW. It will be open until Sunday, October 1.

Click here to get started.

Questions include:

  • How often do you drive a Heavy articulated vehicle (HC) Heavy Combination in Greater metropolitan Sydney areas?
  • Where do you usually pick up your load before the start of every journey?
  • Thinking about the trips you have made in the last 12 months, were the majority on familiar or unfamiliar routes?
  • And were the majority of your trips in the last 12 months loaded by you personally, or did someone else do it for you?
  • How often do you know the registration plate(s) of the heavy vehicles you drive?
  • Were the majority of routes you have taken on your trips in the last 12 months, pre-planned by you, pre-planned by someone else or not pre-planned?
  • How often did you follow the route plans provided to you by someone else?
  • Who usually pre-plans your trips for you?
  • What types of aspects or information are considered when you or someone else pre-plans a trip?
  • In the last 3 months, how often were you 100% certain of the height of the vehicle (including the load) you were driving before commencing your trip?

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