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Superior choice for modern diesel engine filtration

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When it comes to safeguarding your Detroit Diesel DD13, DD15 or DD16 engine, Fleetguard filters stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Although Fleetguard is a leading manufacturer of engine filters for a wide range of vehicles, its popularity with owners of trucks and equipment that use Detroit Diesel DD13, DD15 and DD16 engines is legendary. And there’s good reason for this.

Fleetguard filters are specifically designed to comply with all manufacturer specifications for their intended engine. This ensures every Fleetguard filter meets the engine’s requirements and performs correctly. The result is a properly protected engine, and peace of mind for owners.

Modern diesel engines use HPCR or High-Pressure Common Rail fuel systems. Unfortunately, these systems have smaller component clearances and extremely high operating pressures, making them more susceptible to fuel contaminants than older diesel engines. 

Fleetguard’s FK13850, FK48556, and FK11011fuel filters for Detroit Diesel engines are specifically designed to protect these engines against particulate damage caused by particles released during engine vibration and fuel surge. This extends the life of fuel injection components and helps lower maintenance costs over the life of the fuel system. 

Cold weather increases oil viscosity and reduces its flow rate. This can potentially starve engine components of oil, resulting in insufficient lubrication and excessive wear and tear on affected components. Fleetguard’s environmentally friendly LF17511 and LF17810 oil filters ensure that even in icy operating conditions, your Detroit Diesel engine’s oil can get where it needs to go. This protects vital engine components and ensures they remain correctly lubricated and functional.

Over time, coolant in a radiator can pick up contaminants that damage cooling system components. Fleetguard’s coolant filtration systems help remove these contaminants, reducing wear on components and extending coolant service life. The WF2187 Water Filter from Fleetguard for Detroit Diesel engines has a 65-micron rating and a 160,000 kilometre service life. It reduces wear and maintains all cooling system components.

In addition to their superior filtration performance, Fleetguard filters are also backed by a 12-month/20,000km warranty for added confidence and protection.

Fleetguard is committed to providing customers with the highest quality filters for Detroit Diesel and other engines. With a wide range of resources to help customers choose the right filter Fleetguard is a trusted brand that has been providing customers with quality filters for over 50 years.

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  • Detroit does not officially approve the use of Fleetguard products in Detroit engines.

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