Toll prices to increase on Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel

From October 29, drivers using the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Tunnel will be hit with higher toll charges, as the first price rise in 14 years comes into effect.

Bridge and Tunnel tolls will be adjusted to 6.8 per cent higher.

This news follows the NSW Government’s announcement of toll rebates for heavy vehicles using the M5 East and M8 tunnels from next year.

The state government says that all extra revenue generated from the increased toll costs will go towards its toll relief Budget package worth $561 million over two years to 720,000 drivers.

“Drivers in Western Sydney who have little choice but to use motorways for their commute and family travel have endured annual – and in many cases quarterly – toll increases since 2009 while the Bridge and Tunnel tolls remained fixed,” said Minister for Roads John Graham.

“Toll revenue is helping us target toll relief to where it is needed most, with suburbs like Kellyville, Silverwater, Blacktown, Quakers Hill, Rosehill and Gosford among those where the most motorists will claim cash back of an average of up to $540 a year. All extra revenue will be used to this end.”

Though that package is set to benefit motorists rather than heavy vehicle operators.

The last time the Bridge and Tunnel tolls were raised was in January 2009 and they have remained fixed at $4.00 during peak times, $3.00 off-peak and $2.50 at night.

From Sunday, October 29, that will become $4.27 in peak, $3.20 off peak and $2.67 at night.

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