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Backwards compatibility achieved with AXS Series

Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? Well, with the new upgrades available with Airtec Corporation, your smartOBM system, you can have all the cake you want.

And by cake we mean data!

You’ve probably heard the fuss about Airtec’s latest mass management product – the AXS. Said to be Australia’s smartest smart OBM, it’s a game changer for the heavy vehicle industry and is sure to save a lot of companies time and money.

Good news now comes to those who are already operating an Airtec OBM system under compliance. You might have been thinking you’d missed the upgrade boat, especially if you’ve only recently purchased your system. But you’d be wrong…

After listening to customer feedback at their product launch back in May this year, CEO and co-founder of Airtec Corporaton, David Hewett, has ensured that backwards compatibility can be achieved with the new AXS Series.

David Hewett and his product development team, David Morton, Jake Gillingham and Jacinta Lane, answering customer questions at the AXS product launch in May 2023.

So, if you’d like to begin a transition to the AXS Series, but your existing AXM/AXL combination works perfectly, this is a great “try before you buy big” scenario for you! And it ensures you get the very most out of your existing products.

Airtec now offers a technical upgrade for existing customers running AXM/AXL smartOBM combinations. The change will allow existing gauges to communicate with the new AXS product line! Meaning you can treat yourself to the latest smartOBM technology available without the sting to your back pocket.

The upgrade, which connects existing units to the Bluetooth-Mesh network, will provide the following benefits:

  • Allow existing AXM/AXL smartOBM gauges to communicate with the new AXS Series;
  • Improve your gauge’s signal strength, reducing dropouts and making scan-ins easier;
  • Shorten data transmission times, delivering your load mass to both the Master Unit positioned on your prime mover as well as the TruckOBM App;
  • And prolong the overall life of your gauge! Which means less money needing to be spent in the future.

The best part? Your OBM system will retain its TCA Type B Classification and Approval! Which is imperative if you’re operating within Queensland, Victoria and NSW.

As with any upgrade process there are considerations you need to take into account. Most importantly, customers must be aware that once connected to the Bluetooth-Mesh network, your upgraded gauges can no longer communicate with those using the old legacy radio modules.

This means if you are part of a large fleet where combinations change regularly and you’re introducing the AXS to your fleet, all gauges must receive the Bluetooth-Mesh upgrade in order to communicate with each other. If you don’t upgrade all applicable gauges, you’ll have a weak link in the chain so to speak and your total mass data will not be collected.

You can upgrade your AXM/AXL combination for $220 per unit plus shipping. A fraction of the cost of a new gauge. Better still, if your gauges are still within Airtec’s 12-month warranty, the upgrade is completely free of charge! All you pay is shipping to Airtec’s Adelaide Warehouse.

To learn more, call Airtec on 1800 818 884 or visit airteccorporation to learn more about their OBM product range.

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