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Load limit increased on Murray Valley Highway bridge

The load limit on McCoys Bridge on the Murray Valley Highway in Wyuna was increased to 42.5 tonne this week, with a reduced speed limit of 40km/h remaining in place.

A temporary 20-tonne load limit was in place since the bridge was reopened in November 2022 following its closure for several weeks for safety inspections after the bridge was subjected to fast-moving, powerful floodwaters during the October 2022 floods.

Following assessments of the bridge, the load limit of 42.5 tonne has been approved which will allow engineers to observe and manage the performance of the bridge.

Increased monitoring and surveying of the bridge will occur during this period to closely track how the bridge stacks up.

Heavy vehicles exceeding the 42.5-tonne load limit will need to use the detour that has been in place since October 2022 by using the roads connecting Mooroopna, Shepparton, Barmah, Echuca and Wyuna.

Regional Roads Victoria says the increased load limit complies with safety requirements and maintains connections to Kotupna, Nathalia and Wyuna for cars and buses and other vehicles no more than 42.5-tonne.

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