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Goodyear Fleet: If it rolls, we make it roll further!

Extending its range of high mileage tyres, Goodyear Fleet has recently introduced Goodyear KMAX D210 295/80R22.5, a next generation regional haul drive tyre with higher mileage potential combined with enhanced traction and durability.

In the ever-evolving world of transportation, the pursuit of efficiency and durability remains a top concern for fleet operators and drivers alike when it comes to tyres for their vehicles, as their ultimate objective is to reduce the frequency of tyre replacements and maintenance, saving both time and money.

Goodyear KMAX D210 tyre is designed to address these needs through a thoughtful engineering approach, featuring a pattern of deep sipes and grooves to enhance traction throughout the tyre’s lifespan. Its stone-ejecting design minimises the risk of stone retention by opening the grooves under torque, which helps protect tyre casing and promotes overall durability. 

Furthermore, Goodyear KMAX D210 tyre offers improved traction and mileage thanks to its shoulder design. In challenging conditions like wet or muddy roads, the large shoulder grooves come into play, enhancing traction, and facilitating water and mud evacuation. With this technology, Goodyear KMAX D210 is built to withstand the challenges of any paved roads, no matter in what weather conditions they may be.

The key benefits of Goodyear’s KMAX D210 tyre.

Tyres that wear unevenly can lead to imbalanced handling and reduced traction. The tread profile of Goodyear KMAX D210 provides optimal pressure distribution in the footprint for high mileage, more regular wear until the end of tyre life and enhanced fuel efficiency. Its fuel saving tread compound with low rolling resistance optimises the balance between higher mileage and lower fuel usage, which – in the long term – helps stay on top of the operating costs.

Goodyear KMAX D210 is also tailored to meet the demands of a variety of load conditions and applications, offering versatility to fleet operators. Goodyear Fleet has tested this drive tyre on Australian regional and line haul routes between Melbourne and Perth over a combined 750,000 kilometres. The controlled testing of Goodyear KMAX D210 with B-double and road train configurations indicated a significant noise reduction and a mileage potential that was up to 25 per cent higher than its predecessor.

In an industry that constantly moves toward a more efficient future, Goodyear KMAX D210 meets the ongoing demand for high-mileage tyres while excelling in traction, making it a reliable drive tyre choice for regional and line haul fleets facing diverse conditions. 

If it rolls, let’s talk about it! Call 13 18 98 or visit the website at goodyearfleet.com.au.

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