Lighting the way to safer trucks

As we navigate the intricate web of our transport systems, heavy vehicles play a crucial role in keeping the wheels of commerce turning. However, their sheer size and weight can also pose significant challenges, making safety a top priority. HELLA Australia recognises this and places significant importance on road safety for heavy vehicle operators.

HELLA is committed to staying at the forefront of truck safety, and the company is constantly developing new products and technologies to keep drivers safe. These include lights, electronics and sensors. 

When it comes to heavy vehicles, visibility is key, and HELLA’s lighting systems are engineered to provide just that. Light is essential for both seeing and being seen. This is especially crucial for the heavy vehicle sector where professional drivers and vehicles travel long distances day and night. Low visibility can increase the risk of an accident by 30 per cent or more. HELLA’s quality lights provide better visibility in all conditions, whether it’s powerful LED headlights that pierce through the darkness or innovative signal lamps that communicate crucial information to other road users, HELLA Australia ensures that heavy vehicles remain visible and safe in all conditions.

HELLA also offers a variety of sensors that can help to increase safety. These sensors can improve steering precision and situation-dependent handlamp adjustment. This enables drivers to control the direction of the vehicle accurately, avoid obstacles and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles. The handlamp adjustment ensures that drivers have the best possible visibility, as the headlights can be adjusted according to the current driving conditions. When trucks are equipped with these quality sensors, drivers are more aware of their surroundings and can make better decisions while driving.

HELLA’s products are reliable and well-suited to the Australian environment. Take LED lighting as an example, which has revolutionised the transport industry through its unparalleled reliability and durability. They are manufactured by HELLA New Zealand under the most rigorous, verified testing standards. Every product that leaves its factory is individually tested, and every order line is QA inspected, so drivers can be confident that they will perform as expected in even harsh environments. HELLA has continuously improved the latest designs from ongoing research and market experience; to create a product of truly lasting value and safe operation.

But it’s not just about the products; HELLA Australia’s dedication to road safety extends to education and awareness campaigns. Actively supporting the community through partnerships such as Transafe WA is equally as important. Transafe’s iNSTRUCKTA! truck, a mobile road safety education centre, travels to schools and communities teaching children and adults about road safety. HELLA understands that safety is not just about equipping vehicles with the right tools but also about fostering a culture of safety among drivers.

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