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This truck is his ‘own little office’

It was raining when Robbie Del Mansor was making deliveries at the scenic Atherton Tablelands hamlet of Tolga when Big Rigs saw him recently.

Based at Cairns, Del Mansor was driving a Hino 500 for Simon George and Sons, getting to some of the most scenic places in the country.

“I deliver food and vegetables and get to Kuranda, Mareeba, Atherton, Tolga and other places,” he said.

Before starting work as a truck driver, Del Mansor had been a long-time sales representative at Cairns.

“I just love being a truckie as I get out and about and it is like being in your own little office,” he said.

His aim is to upgrade his licence so he can drive heavy vehicles between Cairns and Brisbane. 

Outside work he likes jet skiing and fishing the pristine waters around Fitzroy Island.

His football team is the Brisbane Broncos which he got to see firsthand when he visited southern Queensland recently.

The Broncos finished second on the NRL ladder and have improved in leaps and bounds this season.

Tolga is a small town about 5km from Atherton. The local hotel has a parking area for trucks.

A few hundred metres from there are clean public toilets often used by drivers.

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