Digital driver licence pilot scheme rolls out in Ballarat

Over 2500 motorists in Ballarat are using Victoria’s first digital driver licences as part of a local pilot scheme ahead of a planned statewide rollout. 

Participants are storing secure copies of their licence on their phones using the Service Victoria and VicRoads apps. 

These licences can be updated in real time, to reflect changes to licence conditions or change of address. 

They also feature improved security features, including an in-built dynamic hologram and refresh function, as well as a timed QR code that can be scanned by businesses and authorities to verify identity and help prevent fraud.  

The pilot is intended to pave the way for an eventual statewide digital driver licence rollout by 2024.  

Minister for Government Services Danny Pearson visited Ballarat last week for an update on the progress of the scheme.  

“The pilot is going well and we thank the residents of Ballarat for getting involved,” he said. 

“More people are getting added by the day and their experience will help shape the statewide rollout.  

“A digital driver licence makes it easier and more convenient for motorists and will help businesses and authorities to verify identity with minimum time and fuss.”  

Customers, retailers, licenced venues, Victoria police, Australia Post and other places that use a driver’s licence as proof of identity have been providing feedback throughout the pilot scheme.  

If you live in Ballarat you can register to participate in the scheme on the VicRoads or Service Victoria websites.  

You will be contacted via email once your digital driver licence is available in the app. 

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