Top steel cable and rubber products under one roof

Andromeda Industries is a pioneering and innovative business that has been producing Superflex Steel cable and slings along with their huge range of rubber products since 1972.

Andromeda Industries is the only manufacturer of Superflex Steel cable and can produce steel cable from 1.0t lifting capacity right through to 168.0t lifting capacity in a straight pull and 330.0t in a cradle configuration.

Andromeda Industries can produce steel cable from 1.0t lifting capacity right through to 168.0t lifting capacity in a straight pull and 330.0t in a cradle configuration.

Being located in the rural village of Moonbi, 22km north of Tamworth on the New England Highway, Andromeda Industries is well versed to cater for your transport requirements – having an easily accessible site and large quantities of stock available for immediate delivery.

Andromeda Industries carries a vast range of lifting and rigging equipment along with general wire rope and accessories for your towing needs, whether it is tow winch cable, or trailer axle cables, Andromeda Industries has you covered.

Not only do Andromeda Industries produce amazing steel slings and cable, they are also renowned for their reusable rubber division. Our reusable rubber division produces a wide range of rubber products to suit your heavy vehicle and transport needs, whether it is our Heavy Load Safety Mats for the transportation of heavy machinery to increase the coefficient of friction from the grouser plates of the machinery and the steel floor of the float, through to rubber mud guards for trucks, trailers and dollies. 

Premium grade holeybelt ute matting.

Andromeda Industries’ range of rubber is also used extensively throughout workshops right across Australia to protect the flooring from heavy machinery and implements whilst being serviced or repaired. Our Fenner Belt is a fantastic product that is fire retardant and resistant to oil and fuel spills, creating a product that will last an incredibly long time and preserve your workshop flooring.

Andromeda Industries has made a name for itself by repurposing used mining conveyor belt into a multitude of different products. By repurposing such a high embodied energy product, it allows for a massive reduction in landfill and the associated impact on the environment.

Andromeda Industries’ range of rubber products have a multitude of uses.

Do you have a work ute or vehicle that requires rubber matting? Andromeda Industries has you covered with their premium grade holeybelt ute matting. A first-grade product that is UV stabilised to ensure its longevity in the harsh Australian environment, it is the perfect product to protect your valuable asset.

There is a rubber product that will suit just about every need, with over 240 different uses including equine and livestock, residential, erosion control, landscaping and environmental applications, to name just a few.

To find out more about our full range of products or to see if we have the right products for you, contact our sales team on 02 6760 3773 or visit our website at andromedaindustries.com.au.

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