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$2.5 million in repairs to regional freight link

A key western Victorian route has undergone much-needed repairs after being hit hard by floods last year.

Mortlake-Ararat Road has undergone a $2.5 million package of works to repair damage and help restore this key link for local farmers and freight operators.

Resurfacing works have been carried out on two sections of the road: a two-kilometre stretch between Lake Bolac and Woorndoo and a smaller section south of Lake Bolac.

Crews are continuing works in the west of the state, undertaking major rebuilding and rehabilitation of roads, asphalt patching, repairing bridges, clearing and fixing damaged roadside drains and culverts and clearing roadside debris.

“We’re ensuring that local drivers, freight operators and tourists have smoother, more reliable journeys across western Victoria,” said Member for Western Victoria Gayle Tierney.

Victoria’s flood-damaged roads are currently undergoing large-scale, long-term repairs as part of the state government funded $165 million emergency repair blitz.

These works are targeting the state’s most badly flood-damaged roads, along with key freight and travel routes.

An additional $2.8 billion will be invested over 10 years into road maintenance and renewal works, including flood recovery.

This will see a total of at least $6.6 billion invested in maintaining road assets over the next decade, with $770 million to be spent in the 2023-24 financial year.

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