Ron Finemore celebrates double milestone with new Actros


Ron Finemore Transport (RFT) has marked the introduction of its 300th Actros by rolling out its first 30 metre high-productivity Super B combination featuring a Vawdrey trailer set.

The combination will be used to carry groceries for Woolworths between Sydney and Melbourne and features a payload of 50 tonnes.

The occasion was celebrated recently by RFT executive chairman, Ron Finemore, Daimler Truck Australia Pacific president and CEO, Daniel Whitehead, and Vawdrey director, Paul Vawdrey, when the combination made its debut at the Woolworths distribution centre in Mulgrave.

With a partnership of more than 50 years, Daniel Whitehead said RFT has been a fantastic brand ambassador for Mercedes-Benz Trucks.

“Ron Finemore Transport has set the benchmark for safety and efficiency for more than half a century and we are proud that Mercedes-Benz trucks have played a role in the company’s great success,” he said.

Finemore said he was pleased to attend the handover of the 300th Actros and continue the company’s relationship with Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Truck.

“Our relationship with ‘Benz continues today because of three key strengths:  safety, reliability and service,” Finemore said.

“These are key strengths of ‘Benz and also the key values that RFT strives to deliver in its client relationships. We look forward to continuing our partnership with Mercedes-Benz based on these core mutual strengths and values.”

Mercedes-Benz Trucks Australia Pacific vice president, Andrew Assimo, said the 2663 is the perfect 300th Actros milestone truck.

“It’s fitting that the 300th Actros delivered to Ron Finemore Transport is pulling a combination that delivers productivity gains as well as benefitting from low Euro 6 emissions, sharp fuel consumption and comprehensive integrated safety features,” he said.

Like all Actros trucks, the special 300th RFT unit features a raft of advanced safety systems including the fifth-generation radar/camera Advanced Emergency Braking System called Active Brake Assist, which has the capability to automatically perform full emergency braking for vehicles and moving pedestrians.

All Actros models also come standard with Lane Departure Warning System and Attention Assist (AA).

“Safety is the number one priority of Ron Finemore Transport and the Mercedes-Benz trucks tick all the boxes,” Finemore said.

The high-productivity combination features two quad-axle trailers that deliver a gain of six extra pallets over a traditional B-double set. It is also increases the truck’s payload to 50 tonnes. Both trailers can be loaded from the rear with a forklift, after the rear trailer has been split, which enables faster loading. This is made possible because the front trailer body can slide back over the king pin and axle set that sticks out when in normal operation.

The 300th Actros is a world away from the first Mercedes-Benz trucks to wear the RFT colours.

The 2663 features the top-of-the-line 630hp 16-litre six-cylinder OM473 engine linked to the latest generation 12-speed Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) Equipped with Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC).

PPC uses topographic map data and GPS information to help the truck anticipate terrain and select the optimum shift pattern and engine response for maximum fuel economy. This includes the ability to coast as much as possible in order to save fuel.

The combination of strong fuel efficiency and Euro 6 emissions “puts Mercedes-Benz ahead of the rest,” said Finemore.

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