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Designs released for overhaul of major Melbourne freeways

Early next year, work will begin to overhaul two of Melbourne’s busiest freeways – the Eastern Freeway and M80 Ring Road.

Designs have now been released for the first stage of the Eastern Freeway upgrades from Burke to Tram roads and to complete the M80 Ring Road in Greensborough.

These two massive projects will connect with the North East Link tunnels, which are expected to reduce travel times by 35 minutes and take 15,000 trucks off local roads each day.

The two new Urban Design and Landscape Plans (UDLPs) include detailed maps and drawings for the Ring Road Completion and the first stage of the Eastern Freeway Upgrades.

The M80 Ring Road will be linked to the North East Link tunnels with new express lanes to take 19,000 cars and trucks off Greensborough Road a day.

The Eastern Freeway will get a massive overhaul with new express lanes and Melbourne’s first dedicated busway.

New and upgraded noise walls will be incorporated into the design to meet a better noise standard.

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