Volvo issues recall notice for FH13 and FH16 models


Volvo Group Australia (VGA) is recalling 534 affected units of its FH13 and FH16 models due to a manufacturing issue.

VGA says the V-stay connection screws in the rear wheel suspension may become loose, causing the rear axle housing to move sideways.

“If this occurs, there is a risk of chafing between the tyres and the chassis parts which could lead to a loss of vehicle performance,” the notice said.

“A loss of vehicle performance could increase the risk of an accident causing injury or death to vehicle occupants and/or other road users.”

The impacted units are in the year range 2021-22.

Owners of affected vehicles can contact their nearest authorised Volvo Group Australia repairing dealer to schedule an appointment to have the work carried out free of charge.

For more information, ph 07 3718 3500, or email

A VIN list of impacted trucks can be found here.

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