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Truck Art has been involved in sleeper cab heating and cooling for over 15 years and we pride ourselves on helping the heavy vehicle industry with a wide range of fatigue management solutions to suit everyone’s different needs.

In recent years there has been an increase in regulation on driving hours and fatigue management, requiring stricter recording of logged and managed driving hours. Therefore, when it comes time to sleep it is of the upmost importance that drivers are getting the best sleep they can in the hours they have to ensure that not only the freight on our roads gets to its destination on time but more importantly for the safety of our drivers and other road users.

Truck Art offers a wide range of sleeper cab cooling and heating options, ranging from where it all started with our faithful Evaporative Viesa range, the fleet popular Kompressor III, diesel-powered EcoWinds, through to our modernised first of its kind, reverse cycle heating and cooling Koolkat.

The VIESA Kompressor III offers drivers a fresh and quiet environment in which to rest.

Our Koolkat is quickly becoming our most popular unit as it is the only reverse cycle unit in Australia with fantastic cooling capacity and low power heating, allowing it to run all night for a full night sleep.

How does this cooling/ heating unit compare to others on the market? With the way technology is moving towards electric powered air-conditioning it is easy to create an air-conditioner/ heater that cools or heats a cab, but at what cost does that come? Power usage is an important factor and using a lot of power in a very short amount of time means if you want a full night sleep you would need several big batteries or even a generator to power the air-conditioner.

At Truck Art we believe we have found that sweet spot with the reverse cycle technology of the Koolkat range for its cooling/heating capacity with a lower power consumption to be able to get that full night sleep at a reasonable cost to the user. Koolkat has two options: roof mount and wall mount.

Truck Art is located in Wagga, Melbourne and Adelaide but also has the added benefit of having fitters and contractors Australia wide.

Stay tuned as we are currently working on another exciting project at the moment: a brand new diesel-powered unit. Follow Truck Art Wagga socials on Instagram and Facebook to find when this exciting project will be hitting the Australian market.

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