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Townsville-based tree loppers hard at work

When Big Rigs saw Corey Hess near his Hino in Charters Towers he and his workmate Nick Nelson were lopping trees which were close to power lines at Centenary Park.

They work for Eastern Tree Service (ETS) and are based at Townsville, 130km from Charters Towers, but travel far and wide ensuring high trees don’t come into contact with power lines.

Nick Nelson in the elevated platform.

“The company has a contract with Ergon Energy and we get as far away and Brisbane, Toowoomba down south and up north to Cairns,” Hess said.

Hess was on ground duties whilst Nelson was high up in an elevated work platform cutting the branches which fell to terra firma.

The lads both drive the Hino and Hess said they are often confronted by insects while tending to the trees.

“There are lots of bees and green ants and sometimes snakes and possums,” he said.

They both enjoy the work and get to travel a lot. Nelson also gets a good view when high in the sky as was the case at Centenary Park which is beside a busy road in Charters Towers.

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