Regulator clarifies road train speed limits in each state

speed limits

The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has launched a streamlined, user-friendly web page to assist road train operators and drivers in understanding the maximum road train speed limits, as per state legislation.

The regulator said feedback from industry was that the limits and what vehicle combinations are captured by the road train definition were unclear.

The new road train speed limit web page replaces the content previously available under the National Road Train Notice Operator Guide.

The regulator also reminds operators that speed limits are not something the NHVR has control over. They are determined by state and territory road authorities.

The actual speed limit of a road train on any given road is always the lesser of:

  • State or territory road rules
  • Notice conditions
  • Permit conditions
  • Network road conditions
  • Posted speed limit

The web page also provides guidance in relation to PBS vehicles that meet the definition of a road train, including PBS A-doubles.

A road train is:

  • a B-triple; or
  • a combination, other than a B-double, consisting of a motor vehicle towing at least 2 trailers, excluding any converter dolly supporting a semitrailer.

PBS vehicles that meet this definition (including PBS A -doubles) are also classified as road trains.

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