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A recent switch from the army to trucking

Soon after pulling up in his Mack R-Series beside the Flinders Highway, Kenneth Lynn walked into the Calcium Puma Roadhouse.

The 59-year-old works for Townsville Mini Loads and was hauling gravel to Mingela which is 37km from Calcium.

“I have only been a truckie for a few months and had been in the army for a long time,” he said.

Lynn enjoys his new career and especially working for Townsville Mini Loads which is a big supporter of the annual Townsville Convoy for Kids.

He was born in Scotland but is a true-blue Aussie now.

“I came to Australia when I was just one year old,” he said.

Lynn said the Calcium Roadhouse is a good place to stop.

He rates the worst road he has been on as the section of the Bruce Highway between Bowen and Rockhampton.

Whilst he doesn’t have any real hobbies of note, Lynn is an avid AFL Supporter, following St Kilda in the national league. 

“I used to play Aussie Rules in Perth when I was a youngster,” he said.

I had been to Charters Towers that day and saw Lynn on my trip there that morning.

About six hours later, on the return trip, I also stopped at the roadhouse, where you can get a copy of Big Rigs.

As I was leaving Lynn pulled up again and asked me a question.

“Have you been here all day,” he said with a smile.

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