Slash truck cleaning time by hours with Aussie Pumps

The team at Australian Pump Industries has been blown away with the response from Big Rigs operators who have contacted us as a result of reading the story on how truck cleaning time can be slashed.

By swapping from using an under-performing, low performance pressure washer to a professional machine that delivers real cleaning whack, one operator reported impressive reductions in the time taken to clean their prime mover.

Many big rig operators clean their prime movers once a week on the weekend. One owner reported that it can take up to five hours to do the job properly. His preference was to clean the rig himself so he could identify any maintenance or wear issues early.

By upgrading to a professional pressure washer, like the Aussie Scud 351 ‘Truck Wash Special’ cleaning times can be significantly reduced. This purpose-designed machine delivers up to 21 lpm flow combined with a pressure of 2600 psi.

That combination of pressure and flow together is ideal for shifting caked on mud and grime fast.

Not only is a Scud 351 powerful, but it drastically cuts cleaning time too.

The Aussie Scud 351 pressure washer can come fitted with an optional stainless steel reel with 30 metres of high pressure hose. The long hose length enables operators to reach around the rig without moving the blaster. The reel not only makes it convenient to store the hose but reduces wear on the hose and reduces trip hazards.

“That operator reported back that he now takes only 2-2.5 hours to clean his truck. That’s a saving of about 156 hours over a year, that’s 22 days!” said Aussie Pump’s chief engineer John Hales.

Not only is a Scud 351 powerful, but by matching it with labour saving accessories, times can be cut even further. A two-metre lance enables operators to clean the top of the rig without the need for a ladder. A foaming lance fitted to the gun ap plies the degreaser and detergent. The high pressure lance is then used to rinse off the detergent. A turbo lance that delivers a rotating pin jet can be used to blast off any caked-on dirt.

Aussie Pumps proudly makes the Scud series of professional pressure cleaners at their Castle Hill factory on the outskirts of Sydney. The design team have developed a unique, ergonomic stainless steel frame for the Scud that is balanced and easy to manoeuvre.

The series features top quality Bertolini triplex pumps mounted on Honda 13hp petrol engines with 2:1 reduction gearboxes. This means the pumps run at half the speed of the engines, leading to longer pump life. The blaster is fitted with an essential Aussie Safety Protection kit that ensures the pump is protected from extended bypass running.

The Aussie Scud range is made to last and to be serviced with wearing parts readily available. The Bertolini pump comes with a four- year warranty and the engine is covered by Honda’s international three-year warranty.

“It’s a pleasure to be able to work on producing quality machines that you know users are going to enjoy operating and that will last for years,” said Hales.

“Market feedback is a real confirmation that what we are doing is worthwhile and appreciated,” he said.

Further information on the Aussie Scud range is available from aussiepumps.com.au or call 02 8865 3500.


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