Appeal for information after $15,000 of equipment stolen

Glindemann's trailers, which were plundered over the weekend.

The owner of a family trucking business based in Townsville has shared his frustration after over $15,000 worth of equipment was stolen from two of his trailers.  

Giuseppe Glindemann, director of Glindemann Trucking, said he discovered the toolboxes on his trailers had been plundered via a post on Facebook.  

The trailers had been parked at a pad in the rural town of Texas, on the border of Queensland and New South Wales.  

“One of my drivers parked the trailers there on Friday and the stuff was stolen over the weekend,” Glindemann said.  

“He had just gone home to see his family and someone helped themselves to what was in the toolboxes. 

“The toolboxes were left open afterwards and someone else took a picture of them and put it on Facebook. Another one of my drivers saw the post and texted me and that’s how I found out.”  

Glindemann said three canvas tarps, each worth $5,000, were taken, along with spare tyres, chain binders, chains and load restraints.  

He added that the most disappointing thing about the theft is that it was most likely carried out by another truckie.  

“It would be another truck driver for sure, or someone who is going to sell my stuff to another truck driver.  

“That’s the worst thing, that it’s probably someone in our industry stealing from me.  

“It’s not right and there’s no need for it. If someone needed a hand, I’d be more than happy to help them. But don’t just come and steal from me.”  

Glindemann, who has a fleet of nine trucks, says thefts like these are happening more and more often. 

“I had tarps stolen in Townsville just six months ago.  

“I’ve had mates who have had a heap of stuff stolen off their trailers. Even some loads have been stolen. 

“It’s absolutely getting worse.”  

The business owner has reported the incident to local police, but is also offering a $1,000 reward to anyone who can help him track down his stolen equipment.  

If anyone has any information they can contact him on 0429 960 106.  

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