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Loving the view from the cab and the cockpit

An apt description of 37-year-old truckie Michael Chambers is that he is a ‘high-flyer’.

Whilst Chambers is a friendly driver who is enthusiastic about his job, he is also a light plane pilot.

I saw Chambers when he pulled up near the Exchange Hotel at Torren’s Creek along the Flinders Highway just after noon.

Working for Townsville Logistics, Chambers was driving a Mercedes triple road train.

“I delivered Q-lime to Kennington Mine and picked up a backload of zinc for Townsville. The Mercedes has an automatic gearbox and is comfortable to drive,” he said.

A full-time truckie for six years, Chambers also has a pilot’s licence for small planes.

“I have flown one to Greenvale and also Ingham from Townsville,” he said.

Chambers added that Townsville Logistics was a company that gave young drivers, including females, an opportunity.

“They have hired a young lady aged about 28 and she is doing well,” he said.

Another passion of Chambers is fishing and he has a bevy of choices about where to catch a feed in the rivers and creeks around his home town.

After our chat, he walked into the Exchange Hotel for a cold soft drink on a very hot day before heading on his way.

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