New season on the cards for Outback Truckers

It’s been two years since the last season of Outback Truckers aired, with many questioning whether or not the show would ever make a return – but it’s looking like this could soon come to fruition.

Outback Truckers ran for nine seasons before coming to a halt but the team behind the show, Prospero Productions, says season 10 could hopefully be on the cards in the near future.

Managing director at Prospero Productions, Julia Redwood, told Big Rigs, “We have been working really hard since season nine finished and Discovery pulled out of the deal,” she said.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to replace Discovery and have been actively pitching a season 10 of Outback Truckers around the world. We’re confident that in the near future, we will succeed.”

Distributed by Abacus Media Rights, Outback Truckers’ worldwide premiere was on 7mate in 2012, and has now aired in over 120 countries, including the UK and Europe on the Discovery Channel.

While 7Mate has been a loyal broadcaster here in Australia, Prospero Productions is hoping to secure funding from another major broadcaster to turn season 10 into a reality.

“I love this show so much and love the truckies who work so hard – I regard Steve Grahame, Sludge and Yogi as my friends, that’s how close we are to the industry and to this show; so I’m very committed to it,” Redwood added.

“I know how much it disappoints our fans that there aren’t any new episodes and I’m totally committed to making that happen. I’ve never had a show that’s been as loved as Outback Truckers.”

Redwood continued, “Internationally it’s an iconic show now, and that gives me tremendous pride, it’s been seen in 120 countries and millions and millions of people are watching our truckies out there. It’s also helped to change the attitude of how our truckies are perceived in this country.

“Everyone is asking what’s happening with season 10 and we are working hard behind the scenes to get a season 10 up.  So hopefully it all comes together soon – stay tuned.”

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