Tassie Convoy 4 Kids is back and accepting applications

The Tassie Convoy 4 Kids is back this year and are now accepting applications for their famous “Top 10”. 

The Christmas-themed charity convoy will take place on November 25th, departing the Glen Lea Road in Pontville at 4pm.  
Truckies are encouraged to decorate their vehicles with tinsel and lights to get in the festive spirit.  

The Top 10 trucks in the convoy must register in advance by contacting Emma Bygrave on 0448 810 441.  

A $100 entry fee is required to secure your position and all money raised will go towards the children’s ward at the Royal Hobart Hospital. 

Bygrave explained: “You pay $100 to secure a spot in the Top 10 and then we advertise you on our Facebook page, and people do their own advertising as well.  

“People donate money towards the truck they want to see leading the convoy. The truck that raises the most by the close date – we close donations a couple of days prior – gets to lead it.”  

The convoy will take place on November 25.

Anyone who wishes to watch the convoy is welcome to line up along the route, and there will be a support vehicle taking donations.  

The Tassie Convoy for Kids used to be part of the South East Suns Truck and Trade Show, but has been independent since the pandemic. 

“The convoy used to travel to a show that we held in June on the long weekend, but during Covid we couldn’t hold the show so we decided to split it and still do the convoy,” Bygrave added. 

“This is our third year of doing the convoy separately and it’s been a great success.”

For more information see the South East Suns Truck and Trade Show Facebook page here

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