Truckie comes to the rescue of stranded motorcyclist

After breaking down on a busy freeway with no emergency lane due to roadworks, this motorcycle rider was stranded, until a good samaritan truckie came to the rescue and escorted him to safety.

The incident occurred earlier this week on the Princes Freeway, between Geelong and Melbourne.

Craig Jamieson spoke of the incident live on radio, on the 3AW Breakfast Show with Ross and Russel, praising the truckie for his actions.

“I’ve been repairing the bike and thought I had it fixed. I took it down on the freeway for a shake-down just to make sure – obviously it wasn’t fixed,” Jamieson told Ross Stevenson and Russel Howcroft live on air.

“I was having some carby issues and I broke down on a spot on the freeway, on the M1, that had a concrete wall up the side of the lane, so there was absolutely nowhere to get off.”

With traffic speeding past, it was quite the scary situation for Jamieson.

After seeing him stopped, the truck driver slowed down and put their hazards on, escorting him off the freeway.

“I was paddling the bike, still sitting on the bike because I didn’t want to stretch out into the lane any further by getting off the bike and pushing it. There were cars screaming past at the speed limit, then a truckie pulled up behind me and put his hazard lights on and rode real slow behind me while I pushed the bike up to a safe spot to get off the road,” Jamieson explained on air.

“There was no shoulder at all, there were roadworks there and they’ve got concrete barriers right up to the side of the road, so there’s absolutely nothing to get off the road at all.”

Jamieson added that the truckie was a fantastic bloke and is hoping to find out who it was so he can buy him a beer!

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