Goodyear Fleet: Working towards a better future

Goodyear Fleet serves as a commercial tyre and service partner for prominent transport, freight, construction, and mining businesses, offering trusted premium quality products, reliable services, and technology-driven tyre management solutions, while helping these companies reach their corporate sustainability goals.

If it rolls, we respect it

In the ever-evolving landscape of the world, leading brands are pivotal in shaping a more sustainable future for our planet. It is now more vital than ever for businesses to adopt sustainable practices and technologies to minimise their environmental impact.

The Sustainable Reality Survey by Goodyear suggests that one in every three fleets think of sustainability as an opportunity to reduce operating cost. Goodyear Fleet is leading the charge towards a better future as a commercial tyre and service partner for fleets by being dedicated to deliver advanced energy efficiency, tyre longevity and digital-based tech solutions.

If it rolls, we are connected to it

Continual technological advancements are more important than ever to maximising operating efficiencies and sustainability initiatives.

Goodyear Fleet’s Tyre Optix can help optimise the tyre performance of fleets and increase their operational effectiveness. This digital inspection system assists in monitoring tyre health with a focus on keeping tyre inspections consistent, organised, and efficient. Long term, Tyre Optix helps fleet owners and managers make informed tyre decisions to keep their fleet rolling and confidently stay ahead of any issues that may arise.

Goodyear Fleet uses innovative technology to drive efficiency.
Goodyear Fleet uses innovative technology to drive efficiency.

If it rolls, we improve it

While Goodyear may be a 125-year-old institution, it focuses on identifying new opportunities for innovation including technology and materials. This approach to tyre innovation is about constant modernisation, and leveraging a number of trends that are on the rise, such as autonomous driving, connected tyres, electric vehicles, and sustainability.

By 2030, Goodyear’s goal is to introduce the first 100 per cent sustainable-material and maintenance-free tyre, working closely with industry partners, suppliers, and others to meet this goal.

This is in line with Goodyear Fleet’s long-term objectives to use materials that are not only sustainable but lasting longer to give cost improvements to key business partners, minimise waste and maximise the life of tyres. At Goodyear Fleet, we align with partners who are on the same journey.

If it rolls, we make it roll more efficiently

The Shell V-Power Racing Team (DJR), who are sponsored by Goodyear Fleet, are the first team in the Supercars Championship to achieve carbon neutral status. They are also the first team in Australian motorsport to be recognised with the FIA’s highest three-star environmental accreditation.

Sustainability is important for the Shell V-Power Racing (DJR) team. Therefore, their race car transporter has recently been fitted with Goodyear KMax T 265/R70 19.5 tyres. The tread design and robust construction of Goodyear KMax T tyres does not only offer all season mobility (confirmed by M+S and 3PMSF rating) combined with high mileage and robustness even in demanding low platform usage but are retreadable. Goodyear truck tyres have been developed for optimised sustainability, allowing fleets to make the best use of their tyre assets and substantially reduce their cost per mile and environmental footprint.

If it rolls, let’s talk about it! Call 13 18 98 or visit goodyearfleet.com.au.

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