New tipper stand boosts safety and efficiency

Located in Rocklea, Queensland, ABS Trailquip is a prominent player in the trucking industry, serving both as a wholesaler and retailer of trucking components and as a manufacturer specialising in special application axles and suspension systems.

ABS Trailquip is unwavering in its commitment to excellence, offering top-notch quality, competitive pricing, exceptional service, and reliable delivery. ABS proudly holds ISO 9001 certification, boasts an in-house quality control system, and is certified to provide components that adhere to Australian Design Rules (ADR Specification).

At the heart of ABS Trailquip’s mission is the constant drive to enhance their product range, with a focus on the advantages of efficient and safe heavy vehicle equipment. Their latest addition to the portfolio is a safety stand designed for tipper bodies.

The new safety stands are also 100 per cent made in Australia.

This innovative safety stand can be positioned between the raised tipper body and the vehicle chassis, effectively preventing unintentional lowering of the tipper body, which grants those working on the vehicle peace of mind that they are safe. The safety stands are 100 per cent made in Australia, rigorously tested to meet Australian Standards, and adjustable to accommodate various tipper body beam sizes. A safety chain attachment ensures it stays securely in place, and thanks to local production, availability is never an issue.

ABS Trailquip’s dedication to quality, safety and innovation shines through in their latest offering – a locally-made, reliable, and certified safety stand for tipper bodies, designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of heavy vehicle maintenance.

Check out ABS Trailquip’s new video on YouTube here

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