A leading force in hydraulics

Superior performance, outstanding quality, excellent service, and expert advice. Those are the cornerstones of the global hydraulics capability represented by Hydreco Hydraulics.

Engineering excellence is at the core of the organisation. The product range is geared towards offering the best possible solution for many applications within construction, earthmoving, transport, industrial, materials handling, and many more.

Hydreco takes pride in supporting customers through leading edge products, designed to provide optimum performance and extensive reliability in continual hard-working applications. With innovative technology, their products have evolved and developed, leading to a range of some of the highest quality products available in the marketplace.

Having quality products is just the beginning. Hydreco has understood that the service and repair of the vehicle’s systems is just as important or even more important for the success of their customers and their own businesses.

For over 35 years, initially under the name Hydraulic Hoist and Winch, Hydreco Hydraulics WA has provided install, service, and repair services to the WA market. Working with other industry leading companies to supply and fit complementary components, they quickly became the one-stop shop for the truck market.

Full fit-outs are available from the Hydreco workshop.

It provides sales and distribution for their own Powauto PTO’s, pumps, valves, controls, telescopic hoists, oil tanks, and water pump assemblies (complete with close coupled hydraulic motors).

Supplying side tipper and agricultural hydraulic cylinders from QMN was a natural progression, filling a need in the product line up. As was the case for industrial and recovery winches from the world’s leading manufacturers, and fuel and oil bulk transfer pumps and valves.

Hydraulic power units (Electric [AC or DC], petrol or diesel powered) were also a natural progression for a company like Hydreco with its vast experience, knowledge, and engineering capability in the hydraulic sector.

It is in the service, installation and maintenance of the products and vehicles that helps keep Hydreco at the forefront of product development. For the customer, providing full ‘wet kit’ installations is a unique service from a manufacturer. For Hydreco, having this firsthand information on the installation and application of their products to new applications provides feedback to help refine and develop new and innovative solutions that becomes available to Hydreco’s distributors and customers worldwide.

The continued success of Hydreco Hydraulics WA comes from offering services outside of new ‘wet kit’ installations. The provision of prime mover fit ups and modification, including guards, fifth wheels, rear light bars, and dangerous goods work has enhanced the workshops reputation through the transport industry.

But not all requirements are for new fit ups. A large proportion of work is in repair and maintenance. Therefore, Hydreco offers a full removal, teardown and repair service for PTOs, pumps, valves, winches, and hydraulic cylinders. This is topped off with the ability to make, supply and fit hydraulic hoses and fittings to the applications.

For Hydreco, having its workshop offer service and repair of new and existing systems combined with the back up from the engineering and sales department is driving their products development forward for the benefit of the transport and mobile hydraulics market.

Fast fact

Hydreco Hydraulics is the designer, manufacturer and distributor of products servicing the transport and mobile hydraulics sector. Hydreco has a combined history of 100 years in developing solutions through a rich heritage of legacy companies. The joining of David Brown Hydraulics, Powauto and Hydreco in 1997 brought together some of the most respected products, people, and heritage brands in the business.

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