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$18 million for seven regional road projects

Seven new regional road projects will share in $18 million of upgrades aimed at helping to boost safety and productivity for the heavy vehicles that use them.

Funded by the Australian Government, the projects have been approved under the latest round of funding applications for the Heavy Vehicle Safety and Productivity Program (HVSPP)

Queensland, South Australia and Victoria each have two projects, with one also in New South Wales.

“With this new round of funding we’re able to help more local councils improve their freight access and transport throughout the community so businesses can get on with delivering their goods and services in a more efficient way,” said Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown.

The funding is part of at least $65 million that’s being allocated per year for the program.

The program gives funding to state, territory and local governments for projects to increase safety and productivity along heavy vehicle freight routes.

These projects include widening and upgrading roads used along heavy vehicle freight routes.

Here’s the full list of funded projects.

State Proponent Project Name Project Summary Australian Government Funding ($) Total Project Cost ($)
QLD Somerset Regional Council Somerset Regional Council – Design, Strengthening and Widening on Muckerts Lane and McCulkins Lane, Fernvale Construct a new road segment and seal at Muckerts Lane and McCulkins Lane, widening and strengthening existing roads which together will form an interhighway connecting road along the Fernvale development area.          5,000,000          10,003,000
SA Light Regional Council Light Regional Council – Widening on Argent Road, Kingsford Upgrade and widening of Argent Road (between Sturt Highway and Thiele Highway). The upgrade will also include asphalt treatments at the intersections/industrial accesses, pavement stabilisation and the formation of more suitable swale drains to manage the stormwater runoff.             576,919               721,149
NSW Hay Shire Council Hay Shire Council – Design and Reconstruction from Cobb Highway to Hay Aerodrome, Hay Design and Construction of Heavy Vehicle Access from Cobb Highway to the Hay Aerodrome.          1,120,896            1,401,120
VIC Northern Grampians Shire Council Northern Grampians Shire Council – Upgrade Baldwin Plains Road and Tottington Road, Gre Gre Upgrade approximately 6km of unsealed gravel road to increased width and gravel shoulders, an intersection widening at Carrols Bridge Road and drainage works.             600,000               900,000
SA Light Regional Council Light Regional Council – Widening of Mudla Wirra Road, Kangaroo Flat The upgrade of Mudla Wirra Road (between Redbanks Road and Currie Road) will include a road widening with increased sealed width and pavement formation.          2,710,624            3,388,280
QLD Scenic Rim Regional Council Scenic Rim Regional Council – Design and Road Alignment of Kerry Road, Kerry Upgrade approximately 2km of Kerry Road, including road re-alignment, width and pavement strengthening.          5,000,000            9,601,200
VIC Bass Coast Shire Council Bass Coast Shire Council – Design, Reconstruction and Widening of Grantville Glen Alvie Road, Kernot Design, reconstruction, and widening of approximtately 2km of Grantville Glen Alvie Road.          3,236,000            4,045,000

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