Hay runners answer SOS and head for bushfire-ravaged Tenterfield


With bushfires destroying large quantities of fodder in northern NSW, Aussie Hay Runners (AHR) has sprung into action again to answer the call for help from farmers.

The logistics team have been working around the clock to pull off their inaugural “continuous hay run” into the fire-ravaged Tenterfield region.

Having just gained approval from the NSW Rural Assistance Authority, they have trucks at the ready to hit the road, said AHR founder Linda Widdup.

“Farmers in this area are just so desperate, some are having to shoot their beloved starving stock, so we’ve organised this run a little differently to meet the need as best we can, it will be a continuous hay run,” Widdup said.

Earlier this week, the NSW Government trucked in an initial 200 tonnes of emergency feed to Tenterfield so farmers impacted by the local fires can access feed.

Initially 22 trucks from AHR will travel directly to Tenterfield with the precious cargo arriving on Tuesday, November 14. The remaining 23 trucks will make their way north over the following week with all trucks to have arrived and unloaded by Tuesday, November 21.

This will be AHR’s 15th run with hay donations coming all the way from Victoria. This continuous run will see 45 trucks travelling a total of 132,120km, carrying 1620 bales of premium hay valued at $153,900, directly helping our farmers, their families and in turn their communities recover from the recent devastating fires, said Widdup.

“AHR are acutely aware of other areas desperate for their help and are working hard on the remaining three runs for 2023, with one to be their biggest run yet,” Widdup added.

“We are hoping to be able to announce these runs very soon, as soon as we receive approval, there are just so many farmers desperately needing our help in so many areas and, so if you can, please make a donation of hay, see our Facebook page for details on how.”

Widdup said none of this could happen without the wonderful support of the NSW Rural Assistance Authority, Scott Stevens and the Heyfield Lions Club, Ray Akers of Gippsland Hay Relief and Linda Widdup and her amazing team of drivers.

You can follow AHR on their Facebook page and if you see them on the road, show your support with a toot and a wave.

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