Get your truck ‘Ryco ready’

North American manufacturers of heavy vehicles are a leading choice for freight and long-haul logistics providers. Based on the end user industry, in 2022 the Australian logistics industry alone held the largest share of the market, outperforming mining and construction.

Continued advancements in trade and the strengthening of logistics infrastructure are two of the primary factors expected to drive the logistics segment’s growth over the forecast period, which means more trucks on the road as the industry progresses. More trucks means more to service, and it’s important to look closely at what filtration you’re using.

The Ryco team have worked closely with customers and technicians in fleet service operations to understand the challenges their customers face, specifically in the selection of filtration products. To help drive the efficiency in these service operations, Ryco offers a range of service kits that are clearly labelled with interchange part numbers for ease of reference by technicians.

As a company driven by innovation and the goal to provide the best filtration options possible, the testing facilities and procedures of Ryco not only meet global ISO standards, but the Ryco lab equipment can test beyond standard ISO requirements and develop products that can filter more efficiently because of it.

In particular, Ryco is leading the industry when it comes to cabin air filtration. Thousands of professional drivers are spending hours in the cabin of these long-haul prime movers, many times in what could be considered harsh and rigorous conditions. For this reason, Ryco engineers thought it crucial to have a cabin air filter that could incorporate medical grade media technology to filter out virus and bacteria while still promoting air flow. It’s why the N99-rated cabin air filter is now available to suit a range of popular Kenworth trucks delivering safer breathing conditions for vehicle occupants.

Ryco fuel filter
Ryco offers a range of service kits that are clearly labelled with interchange part numbers for ease of reference by technicians.

When testing filters, especially those suited to a large capacity engine, Ryco selects a fine particle or dust to test with, ensuring a Ryco filter is designed to operate and combat the local geography and the fine silicate particles that an engine can ingest from our environment.

Ryco working closely with the commercial truck industry is driving the expansion of their range and continues to innovate with the support of Australian engineering and globally recognised testing capabilities. The North American filter range extends from fuel and oil filters to specialty filters such as air dryer and refrigerant filters. With exciting ‘all-in-one’ offerings coming soon, professional drivers can be sure their fleet and investment remain in safe hands with filtration designed to support commercial vehicles.

The continued expansion of the e-commerce industry bodes well for the commercial vehicle industry, especially North American heavy vehicle manufacturers. Across eight decades, with a commitment to continually innovate with new technologies and cutting-edge manufacturing, Ryco has become one of the most recognised brands in the automotive industry. When it comes to filtration, there is a trusted and proven range from Ryco that support North American commercial vehicles, so when you need to get the job done, you can be Ryco Ready.

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