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Detroit engines: why only genuine parts will do

Only genuine, Detroit-endorsed parts and consumables will do when it comes to maintaining your premium Detroit engine.

From filters and lubricants to specialised service by factory-trained technicians, don’t trust your Detroit to anything or anyone but the best, says Penske, the authorised distributor of the Detroit portfolio across Australia and New Zealand.

Detroit-endorsed filtration

Filter selection and maintenance are integral to fuel and lubricating oil systems and critical to optimising engine operation and service life.

Filter performance and test specifications vary between manufacturers, as do other factors, including media strength, resistance to impulse failures, and burst strength.

Finer filtration generally provides increased engine service life but may require shorter filter change intervals. Detroit specifies filter performance based on the optimum combination of filter micron rating, filter capacity, and mechanical requirements.

Care should be taken when comparing micron ratings between filter makes, as not all manufacturers use the same tests. It is also important to note that capacity and efficiency (micron) ratings should not be the only criteria for judging filter performance.

Furthermore, fuel quality or biodiesel content can also affect filter life. This is why it is critical that a Detroit factory-trained technician is entrusted with the care of your engine.

When it comes to fuel filters, Detroit recommends:

• Engine fuel filters be changed according to the service interval that matches the truck’s operation or when the fuel filter service warning shows on the dashboard.

• Frame-mounted fuel filter changes should be aligned with engine oil changes.

• Use of genuine Detroit or Davco FuelPro three-layer frame-mounted fuel filters. These are the only approved frame-mounted filters for Detroit DD-series engines.

For oil filtration, Detroit recommends replacement at prescribed service intervals aligning with engine oil changes.

Genuine Detroit parts

When you buy Detroit’s genuine parts, you know you’re getting the component that fits your engine exactly. Detroit’s genuine parts are made specifically for your Detroit product, so there is no “making it fit” or “this will do.” Detroit gets it right every time.

Designing and manufacturing for maximum performance, durability, and reliability, the same Detroit team that built your original engine also built the parts. Before new parts are branded with the Detroit Genuine Parts logo, they are put through the most rigorous examination and testing processes in the industry.

Comprehensive national network

With an extensive network of over 100 authorised service locations, our expert technicians and support team do everything possible to get drivers back on the road. Our service locations offer a full range of Detroit parts, with many featuring overnight deliveries in addition to their local parts stock, leading to expedited turnaround times and lower overall costs.

This is backed by our strategically-located Penske Distribution Centre, positioned and inventoried to serve customers as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, you’ll have ultimate peace of mind as every new Detroit-equipped truck has an industry-leading four-year/800,000km/12,000 hours /400,000-litre fuel burn standard engine warranty. And with Detroit, there’s no mid-life changeout. Options are also available for tailored extended coverage for additional duration, mileage, or increased fuel burn limits to suit customer operations.

When you buy a Detroit product, you purchase billions of miles of engineering excellence.

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