An easy truck wash solution – clean faster and clean safer

Everybody knows that driving a big prime mover hauling either a B-double or a 50,000 litre tanker is fabulous fun. It’s even better when the rig is clean and looks like a million dollars on wheels!

One Australian pressure cleaner manufacturer is focused on this, producing what they call their ‘Truck Wash Specials’.

“We carried out a detailed survey of truckies and found that all of them like driving a clean vehicle but none of them like cleaning the rig. In fact, they found it tiresome, tedious and boring,” said Aussie’s chief engineer John Hales.

Aussie Pumps can relate to that. They like doing exciting things like designing great machines for Australians and shipping them overseas to prove to the world that we can do better design work and production than the Americans or Europeans.

Clean is green

By using the truck wash special concept, in other words the ideal combination of pressure and flow, not only do truck operators halve their cleaning times but they also save water, and either electricity or petrol depending on the machine they’re using. The company makes a complete range of high pressure cleaners in Class A configuration that go all the way from 3000 psi to 5000 psi.

Yes, they’re Class A, so no operator certification is required under the terms of the current Operator Safety Standards. Along with the product comes an absolutely free online safety training course to protect operators, and employers, from injury or litigation.

The base model is a Scud 351 or alternatively, a Scud 400 with 4000 psi pressure. Both are built into a unique stainless steel frame on four flat free 13 inch steel wheels. Economic, easy to use, exceptionally effective, these machines don’t have a primitive pulley and belt drive. Rather, they have a sophisticated, fully enclosed gear drive from engine to pump.

“We built these originally for the hire industry where they wanted products that couldn’t be broken,” said Hales. So far as the truck wash specials are concerned, they’re designed to last decades.

Aussie puts safety first

The ‘Aussie Get Home Safe Training Program’ comes with every machine, and is also available to existing users of pressure cleaners of any brand or size and type.

    The course is aimed at Class A machine operators. It is informative for Class B users too, but they will still need RTO certification. This can be expensive, and certification must be renewed every two years. Class B machines also put restrictions on the operation of the machine.  The Class A course developed by Aussie Pumps is online and operators can go through it within 20-30 minutes.

Of course you have to pay attention but, when you send in your completed test and answer correctly, you will receive the Aussie Pumps ‘Safe Operator’ certificate of completion.

Class A pressure cleaners have a combined flow and pressure rating of bar/litres of under 5600 psi.  That includes most of Aussie’s machines, including the 5000 psi models in both engine and electric drive units.

“We often ask what we recommend for the best job for truck wash-down. Frankly, we think the Scud 351 with 21 litres of flow and 2600 psi is ideal. The pressure is not so much that it will blow the Duco off the vehicle, the flow is enough to flush mud and dirt away and if more pressure is required, you can swap out the gun for a turbo that’ll give you the impact of 4000 psi,” said Hales.

When you buy your Aussie Truck Wash special, don’t forget to order the foaming gun that can spray detergent foam all over the vehicle in no time flat. See it looking like it’s covered in shaving cream and then hose it off and watch the dirt disappear.

Save time, save water, save power, look great.

For further information including the free Safety Training Course and a free guide on how to get your rig looking schmick with the least possible effort, visit aussiepumps.com.au or call the High Pressure Division on 02 8865 3500.

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