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Hopeful truckie pursues childhood passion

From the time she was just a little kid, amputee Summer Martin had wanted to drive trucks. Now 28, she’s taken the first step and secured her HR licence.

“I thought well, I have nothing to lose – it’s a positive challenge so it went from there,” she said.

“The first step was getting my truck licence but my ultimate goal is to eventually go into the mines and explore dump trucks and other machines.”

Based just south of Wollongong, she gained her qualification through David’s Truck Training – a driving school located in Prestons, NSW.

“When I called, Dave literally didn’t bat an eyelid about my leg at all. I was just super adamant before I booked that it had to be an automatic without a clutch – and that was not an issue at all,” explained Martin.

And David’s Truck Training was glowing in its praise of Martin, who they called a wonderful inspiration. “Although she is an amputee, you wouldn’t know it as she was not given any leniency as her natural ability made it irrelevant,” they said.

“Would definitely recommend this lady to anyone looking for a greenhorn to train up as I believe Summer would be an asset to any employer. We had the best day truck training around Sydney. Well done and thank you for the opportunity. We wish you success on your new journey and safe travels.”

As a newcomer to the industry, Martin is now looking to ger her foot in the door, with a job behind the wheel. “Everyone has to start somewhere,” she said. “I’m so fluorescent green to this industry, but I really want to get a start. It’s one step at a time. I’m hoping I can find someone to take a chance on me.”

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