Scania announce new facility with workshop and warehouse

Scania has announced plans to open a new purpose-built facility at Hope Valley, WA.  

The facility will comprise a new parts warehouse, as well as a sales and service workshop.  

Both will be based on a large 19,000m2 block in a new industrial precinct and the warehouse will open next year, while the workshop won’t begin trading until 2025. 

The workshop will be able to accommodate multi-combination vehicle sets over an ultra-long maintenance pit, removing the need to decouple in order to carry out servicing and repairs.  

Large crossovers and hardstands will provide ease of access for vehicles up to 36.5 m long. 

Also included in the design is a purpose-built office with dedicated customer areas.  

Scania's new Hope Valley facility will comprise a workshop and parts warehouse.
Scania’s new Hope Valley facility will comprise a workshop and parts warehouse.

Hope Valley will be Scania Australia’s first true EV-ready facility, with infrastructure in place to handle modern BEV charging needs and capacity for high volume vehicle charging in the future.  

The design has focused on sustainability, with thought given to how the site will handle waste and make use of solar power in both the warehouse and workshop facilities. 

Scania dealer director for WA, SA and NT, Michael Berti, said: “Scania in WA has been growing quickly over the past decade and we have attracted more customers both for on-road vehicles running intra-state as well as across to the eastern states, and also within the State’s burgeoning mining industry.  

“These growing segments have required an expansion of services as well as a good deal of innovation from Scania Australia to meet the needs of its customers in a proactive way.” 



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