Truckies ‘disturbed’ by filthy facilities at Queensland rest area

Truckies have been left in shock at the “appalling” state of the facilities at a popular rest area in Dirranbandi, Queensland.  

Drivers hoping to use the toilets and showers during a long trip have been faced with disgusting scenes, including human waste smeared across the toilet seat and along the floor.  

Truckie Steven Andrew told Big Rigs: “At the moment I travel through Dirranbandi about once a month on my travels from Mitchell to Bathurst.  

“The showers there are always filthy. I sometimes have to go as far as Gilgandra for a shower.  

“I carted grain in that area about six years ago and it was always a welcome spot to have a break, the facilities were always clean then.  

“There is a sign on the door that says the council cleans daily but sometimes I think it is weeks in between cleans.”  

Another driver, Jayden Nitschke, said he was disturbed by the filthy condition of the toilets in Dirranbandi when he tried to use them recently.  

“For someone who runs the Adelaide-Brisbane corridor weekly, I find it very appalling to come across disgusting scenes like the ones in Dirranbandi lately.  

“Dirranbandi is a beautiful little town, with a good variety of places to stop and park, and I think it’s absolutely brilliant that these rural towns want to provide clean amenities for drivers/tourists to use.  

“Unfortunately, this is let down by the continuing number of people who can’t respect them, and others needing to use them.”

Nitschke said drivers should be able to walk into a toilet or shower and find it in a decent condition.  

“We shouldn’t have to come across someone’s toilet break on the floor or wonder what’s behind the door.  

“It’s very disturbing and disrespectful for other users.” 

He added: “I feel for the owners and the volunteers who are trying to provide a clean space for people to use. 

“Maybe this answers our questions as to why there’s a shortage of clean amenities throughout Australia for drivers. 

“I can actually say that I understand why some places are starting to lock up overnight or charge a fee to use a clean toilet/shower.”  

Balonne Shire Council told Big Rigs back in 2020 that the public toilets and showers at the Dirranbandi rest area are owned by the Department of Transport and Main Roads in Queensland but cleaned by the council twice a week. 

Balonne Shire Mayor Samantha O’Toole said: “We clean these facilities at the Dirranbandi Truck Stop three times a week and they are easily the most time-consuming of all the amenities blocks for our staff.

“Our team is consistently confronted with unacceptable scenes at this location, as they are covered in grease and excrement by users who don’t respect these free facilities.

“We ask that people respect the free services on offer, as these facilities at the truck stop are provided for their travelling convenience.”

The Department of Transport and Main Roads did not wish to comment.

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