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Truckie shares clip of frightening close call

A truck driver who was abiding by the speed limit and travelling between Miles and Chinchilla in Queensland about 8.30pm this week came within seconds of having a head-on collision with a reckless motorist who was coming towards him.

The driver’s dashcam captured a ute overtaking a truck and just managing to pass with metres to spare.

It was a frightening experience for the truckie who is a good contact for Spy but unfortunately this type of dangerous driving is not uncommon.

During 2023 Spy has been told of many similar occurrences by truckies who for a few split seconds feared they were going to have a head-on collision and face serious injury, or even death.

In recent months, Spy has witnessed cars overtaking triples and quads on sections of the Flinders Highway when they had limited vision of what was in the other lanes in the other direction.

Similar reports from truckies have come from various states around Australia. Whilst in Tasmania recently I saw four incidences of cars overtaking trucks with just a short distance to spare preventing a head on collision.


  1. Four week blitz on truck drivers because of involvement in fatal accidents.
    Was the truck driver the cause of these or is it impatience from car drivers. Unfortunately almost daily I come across car and motorcyclists, travelling on back roads loaded travelling at a speed safe for the situation and load below posted speed limit.
    There has been recently some education programs from government re driving around heavy vehicles there needs to be a lot more.

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