NTAW set to distribute Dunlop tyres in Australia

National Tyre and Wheel Limited (NTAW) recently announced it will soon begin the wholesale distribution of Dunlop consumer and commercial tyres in Australia and New Zealand.

NTAW is the largest independent tyre and wheel importer and wholesale distributor in Australia and New Zealand, currently importing 2.7m tyres and wheels each year.

The announcement follows the signing of an agreement between NTAW and Goodyear Dunlop Tyres.

NTAW’s distribution of Dunlop tyres will begin this month, November 2023, in New Zealand and in April 2024 in Australia.

The agreements will have an initial term of five years from the commencement of the Australian agreement.

Dunlop tyres will become available through Tyres4U, which is a business of NTAW.

Dunlop is one of the world’s best known tyre brands, taking its name from John Dunlop who invented the pneumatic tyre in 1887. The new distribution arrangements strengthen NTAW’s tyre portfolio by adding exclusively imported premium car and truck tyres.

Dunlop products can largely be accommodated within NTAW’s existing wholesale distribution businesses with procurement, warehousing, logistics and sales for the brand being entirely complementary with the group’s existing operations.

Tyres4U specialises in the distribution of market-leading brands in all major categories of the tyre industry – and will become one of the primary distribution businesses for the Dunlop brand.

As a tyre specialist, Tyres4U says its competitive advantage lies in its range of fit for application tyres across all industry segments, coupled with years of expertise and passion to support the tyre industry and its customers. This makes it well placed to assist customers in selecting the right tyre to satisfy all needs.

Tyres4U offers a selection of products for truck, bus, agricultural equipment, forestry, earthmover, lawn and garden equipment, ATV, forklift, specialty industrial machines, and a comprehensive range of quality passenger, light truck, and 4×4 tyres.

Tyres4U operates in every state and territory of Australia and has 11 separate distribution centres, strategically situated throughout Australia, as well as three branches in New Zealand.

Tyres4U is steeped in history, with its origins dating back to the 1960s, when it was started under the name of Avenue Tyre Service. Since then, it has grown into the largest independent tyre importer and wholesaler in Australia. It has been operating under the name Tyres4U since the 2000s and was purchased by NTAW just a few years ago.

Dunlop Tyres will become available through Tyres4U, which is a business of NTAW.

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of NTAW, Tyres4U has the ability to leverage off the other companies that form part of the group.

Tyres4U currently employs in excess of 200 staff including highly trained experts in the fields of agricultural, OTR, forestry and truck tyres. The team of customer-centric staff ensure they go the extra mile to add value to their customers and support their business objectives.

With a competitive and sustainable pricing model, Tyres4U helps ensure customers find the best fit for their tyre needs. The business focuses on a value-adding approach to customers rather than competing on price.

Tyres4U also understands that a tyre problem can quickly become an emergency that costs time and money. That’s where emergency roadside tyre support TEN-24 comes in. Servicing the truck and bus industry, TEN-24 operates in over 200 locations across all of the major trucking routes in Australia. When an emergency tyre incident occurs, our aim is to get you moving again within three-hours of your call.

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