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WHG breaks new ground with all-in-one Smart OBM system

IoT, telematics, and technology provider WHG has announced the launch of a “groundbreaking” On-Board Mass system, integrating Smart OBM and telematics.  

The new product, FleetWEIGH, was developed by WHG in partnership with Trail-Link and SKT Technologies, a US-based company that specialises in On-Board Mass.  

It’s the first telematics and Smart OBM system to be dual-certified by Transport Certification Australia and offers a simplified, streamlined experience for fleet managers and drivers.  

The launch took place at the TechDRIVE Roadshow in Melbourne yesterday, where WHG’s director of operations, Dylan Hartley, shared the benefits of using FleetWEIGH.  

“FleetWEIGH is a connected On-Board Mass management system that’s designed to manage multiple trucks,” he said.  

“It features hassle-free Bluetooth and sensor technology for seamless integration, with real time information on a smart device in the cabin.  

“It includes everything that you need bundled into one product, which eliminates the hassle of dealing with multiple suppliers and complex integration challenges. We’ve taken away the headache.” 

Smart OBM is mandatory in Victoria for certain Performance Based Standards and high-productivity load vehicles, as well as vehicles over a certain weight.  

Other states are also in the process of making the technology compulsory.  All eligible vehicles in Queensland must be fully transitioned to TMA or Smart OBM by June 1, 2024. 

“I know it’s an area that the industry has seen as a challenge,” Hartley told Big Rigs.  

“There has been a lot of concern because with other providers there has been a delay in getting products installed. There have been shortages of stock.  

“We’re a new entrant now with a product that’s very different to what’s on the market, and we don’t have any of those challenges.” 

Hartley added that WHG have led the way in Victoria in the Smart On-Board Mass space.  

“We have the right products to answer the requirements.  

“It’s exciting that we get to see now the accessibility increasing and the real benefits come through to the transport industry. 

“We’ve had an incredible response to our Smart OBM so far, to the point where we have been working with fleets to set them up, ready to bring them on our system as soon as approval is complete.  

“There is huge excitement that it’s done now and we’ve announced today that we are the first dual-certified provider in Australia.” 

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