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‘One of the boys was hit in the mouth by a flying condom’

flying condom

It can be a dirty job but Andrew Krause loves being part of a team which pumps out sewers around Tasmania.

Krause drives a 2016 Volvo which is integral when doing the job – and he says it’s a great truck.

Big Rigs recently caught up with him at Tribuanna in Tasmania just before lunch time.

He works for Hobart Pumping and was with four other members of the gang on the job near the local wharf.

“It can be very dirty work. We travel as far as the west and east coasts and other places and we have five vacuum trucks and four pump trucks,” he said.

They were all masked up in case of an expected flow of waste flying out in their direction.

I asked Krause what was the most bizarre thing that had happened to any of them recently.

“One of the boys Liam was hit in the mouth by a flying condom,” he said.

Before starting the job Krause was a butcher for 25 years and had been employed by Woolworths.

When off work, Krause likes watching his children play basketball, as well as hunting wild deer and kangaroos.

“I really like spending time with family and enjoying life,” he said.

Krause added that his favourite roadhouse is Mood Food at Kempton beside the Midlands Highway.

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