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Lawyer heading to court to fight Torrens Creek speeding infringement

More truck drivers are contacting Spy regarding speed cameras which are placed at, and near, Torrens Creek, which is along the Flinders Highway in North Queensland.

Numerous drivers have received infringements in the mail, some of which have resulted in a $1200 fine and the loss of six demerit points.

Some reckon there is no way they could have been breaking the speed limit between the 60km/h and 80km/h signs there.

Many would like to contest the alleged infringements in court but feel the high cost to do that would not be worth it.

However, many are awaiting with interest on news of a solicitor who travels through Torrens Creek on the way to Cloncurry has received two such notices.

He paid the first fine and is contesting the second one in court with the case expected to go before a magistrate before year’s end.

I will be there for the hearing and will keep those truckies who have high interest in the outcome posted.

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